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Instamate v1.2 バージョンアップ


Instagram用フォロー管理ツール Instamateをご利用くださりまことにありがとうございます。





NEW UPDATE for Instamate version 1.2.

Thank you for a lot of downloads on “Instamate”!!

Today we are pleased to announce new features on Instamate.

  • Tweet your work

After checking your followers on Instagram, let’s tweet the result! Tap the twitter icon button in the main screen and then the twitter window appears.

  • Log out

To answer some requests, the log out feature is added. Now you can log out temporarily and sign in with your another account. To log out, visit the settings screen (the gear icon) please.

  • Jump to the Instagram

If you visit someone’s profile screen and want to get more information, press the action button at the bottom right of screen. You can jump to the Instagram app directly.

In addition renewal of the icon image and configuration screen have been made.

We appreciate to reviews and suggestions on iTunes store.
We are going to add some new feature to answer your request.
Please continue your favors towards us.
Thank you.